Hey, it's me!

Here are a few things you should know about me!

I am a homebody and after a life of more peace and less crazy, I am all too happy to stay home and hang with my kids and cats. 

i love to bake

We are dairy farmers, something I never saw myself being or loving, isn't it funny how things work out! 

We've been together since I was 18, not everyday is easy but everyday we still love each other and work hard to show our love and appreciation for one another.





When I started photography my favorite subject was cows, I still have my camera in tow most days, sometimes even on my way to work, because I truly love capturing the beauty of the world to share with others.


I was born and raised in Vermont, I live on a small working dairy farm with my husband, children, and my horse Susie! 

My husband bought me my first camera in 2013 as a gift, I knew photography was something I wanted to pursue but waited until my kids were older. In 2018 I lost my dad unexpectedly and that really changed my perspective on life, and how important it is to chase your dreams. When I’m behind my camera I feel like I am contributing to many generations of captured memories for you to pass along. 

Eight years ago, my husband and I were trying to plan our wedding. Things got a little hectic like so many couples experience, and after long conversations and figuring out why we were choosing to get married, and what our wedding day meant to us, we ultimately decided that a private ceremony with just our immediate family members was perfect for us. We wanted the intimate experience, one that we could take the time to enjoy together. A small elopement ceremony followed later by a celebration with our family and some friends was perfect for us.
I had no idea at that time that I would be a professional photographer specializing in elopements. I just fell in love with the out of the ordinary, the option to break the rules, not follow the masses and all the traditions we think we must because someone we know did. This allows you the freedom in finding your own unique way to celebrate your love for each other. I am stoked that you’re here and considering me to spend your unique day with you!

A little about me and my biz!